There have been many speculations and a lot was said about binary trading robots being a scam. But the fact remains that they are not.

It is a fact that in the world of binary trading, the automatic binary trading robots are relatively new. They also come along with many advantages.

Let us check some of the advantages of binary trading robots:

  • 100% automatic
  • Higher success rate
  • Reduces time spent by user on technical analysis
  • Easy signing up
  • No extra charges, fees or subscriptions

Get the right information

Being a relatively new concept in the world of binary trading, the binary trading robots are commonly eyed critically. While you can trust a reputed binary trading robot like FinTech LTD, one cannot eliminate the possibility of there being binary trading robots that are involved in scams.

So it is often a responsible follow some simple tips that can ensure that your binary trading robots are safe:

Tips to ensure safe trading with binary trading robots

While it is not possible to tell a genuine binary trading robot and those which are otherwise, one can check the following tips before signing up.

  • Always stay informed: While binary trading has been there for quite some time, binary trading robots are newer. One must stay informed about the market trends, binary trading and basic information about how binary robots function.
  • Suspicious emails that are too good to be true: You will come across many advertisements or emails that make claims of ‘earning millions in a day’ or ‘get rich immediately’. Such binary trading robots must never be trusted.
  • Endorsement of unbelievable profits: Prepare yourself to be smothered by companies that assure 100% profit rate. These are far from the truth. While most companies like FinTech LTD do assure a high percentage of profit rate, but an assured 100% claims from shady binary trading robots does sound a bit hard to believe.
  • Watch out for the designated broker: When dealing with reliable binary trading robots like FinTech LTD you are sure of being designated a broker with a good reputation who are reliable and have a high ranking. But one must keep a check on other binary trading robots, as there are many blacklisted brokers who might get designated for your trading.
  • Binary Trading Robots have transparency: If you sign up with a reputed binary trading robot, all your trading and transactions will be transparent. You will also have the liberty to withdraw the profits anytime you like. One needs to ensure that before signing up.

Though the general trend of binary trading robots is that of being safe, it never hurts to do a background check before signing up.

Tracing the beginnings of binary options

Binary option is a new way in trading the price within the largest global market. It has the similar perspective of an auction where you sell a thing or stuff or property even cash.

If you are interested in buying and the only thing to do is to give a high beat of price and there will be some person will beat your price. The way of payoff is simple yes or no sounds like deal or no deal.

But are you not wondering where binary option came from? Everything has owned their story and origins. And Binary options has its own story, it already starts for more than 30 years, was before 1973.

Before its only limited in the close market, trading from the old day was not that big. The year 1973 the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE) was the one who started the binary options trading as one of the financial instruments.

The trading of this exchange was handled by the Board of Trade and they made the binary options as OTC transactions. OTC stands for “Over-the-counter”, a secured trading that stocks are traded in via dealer networking that opposite in central exchange.

However, the binary options trading before is not that so standardized, because of their poor regulation and to conquer this challenge. The Options Clearing Corporation helps the binary option to gain respect or more standardized through having a clear instruction and better transparency. Through the past years there are several improvements in the world of binary options; however, they still limited for a small portion of trades.

Working with digital tablet

In the year 2008, the binary option was completely changed when the SEC take the proposals that made by the Options Clearing Corporations. Because of the proposal, binary options can enter the major and largest markets in the world as one of the financial instrument. First, it was used by American Stock Exchange and it was followed by the CBOE. Nowadays binary options are using on trading all over the world and take many investors that this financial instrument even exists.

Technology has been conquering the modern days, because of this the binary options become popular. Before some investor is not aware of the binary option, it was changed when binary options start appearing in mobile devices and there are already trade online. And it made a new regulation for better security and safety.

 One more significant improvement in binary option is the binary options brokers. This is the result of the improve regulations, they serve their clients better by offering a great customer service and give more trading tools such the real-time market data and news.

Because of the improvements, it gives amazing benefits to the modern way of trading and until now this financial instrument becomes more popular. Everything has a humble beginning, in the history of the binary options lead us to the easy and more creative way in trading especially its already supported by the modern technology. As of now binary options keep improving for the future for binary options traders.


Making money in modern ways

During the time of our ancestors, they survived by hunting, fishing and gathering foods.  Is not hard for them to survive because the Earth before was so abundant in resources to provide all the needs for the humans. There were no issues in the environment or even global crises and one thing also before it’s not so populated, unlike nowadays earth is already overpopulated and that’s the cause why the resources slowly vanish or it’s already limited.

Under the modernization, in our daily life people find ways how to live, how to survive and how to maintain or to be stable through finding money and how to make money. You need to work or making a business so you can have money on your own.

Because everything is modern, there are a lot of ways in making money and it’s not the kind of hard. The modern world is the existing of the technology when it said technology the ways of communication has a lot of medium to have an easy and quick access in communicating people.

Having the internet provides the versatile in communication and because of that people can make business or work through online by using their computer. Before when you are looking for a job you need to read the newspaper to look for job vacancies, but now there are a lot of jobs online provide the list of job available for you.

Least hassle because you don’t need to walk through, the only thing you need to do is to submit a resume online and you will wait for a call. See you can save money for your transportation in looking a job. Because of the dominance of the technology, there are companies who creating a home-based job, which means you can work in your house.

You require having a good internet connection, computer, laptop or a netbook. By this, you can save your money from compiling the necessary documents for your job at the same you can make money without going outside.

You just sit in your house and work. Such as home-based teaching, freelancer and even in data entry, you can be a data encoder in your house without applying in a certain company and go through a lot process of  interview.

Money background. Euros

Even in the business world, it’s already supporting the technology, there are websites where you can pawn your items if you need instant cash. Web sites where you can trade and sell your things you just post it and type the details and then make a deal with your client online.

You can make you shop online. One of the significant benefits of modernization in make money is the social media. Through the social media such as youtube, Instagram, facebook and other social media here you can make money by exposing your unique and incredible talents.

There a lot of celebrity who become famous because of their exposure from the social media. An Even dancer who upload his/her video in youtube and gather many likes he/she can make money.

Thanks to the innovative mind of humans where the modern world becomes more sufficient and efficient for the living of the people. By having instant and quick access in communication, you can make money without suffering so much.

There are more ways to making money that you may not have heard about it yet. Forbes have listed more than 40 different ways that you can earn money.

Online the fastest in making money

The fastest way in making money nowadays, where you can find on the website which means you need to go online. Online is the term that refers to an internet connection where the user is already connected to the internet.

Almost 9 of the 10 people who are always online every day; each day people do surfing, playing online or they are online because of the work. There a lot of opportunities when you get online and people grab this opportunity because it’s easy to get an instant money.

Either it is a part-time job, home-based or freelance work. There are people who don’t like the environment of a workplace since they prefer spending their time working on the internet.

  • Make your own winning blog

Write what makes the reader entertained in your article the more it interesting the more you get cash. Write about certain ads or an attach a link or another sort of stuff.  Your success in blogging depends on according to your talent in writing either your topic is known or the links are known the website.  It can be pay per click links or back links such as Ad words and Google.

  • Cash in doing surveys

Yes, you get paid in doing surveys , so they could gather a valuable data and consumer. There are companies that pay for your opinions.

business, technology, internet and networking concept - businessman pressing earnings


  • Expose your talent through the social media

Phones nowadays are not just for text message; most of the modern phones are a touch screen which you can take picture and videos. Use your phone in exposing your talent and then upload in social media website such as Youtube, where you get paid for the AD views. The base of your earnings will depends on of the report from the multiple media.

  • Apps designer

If you have a talent in creating apps that’s your lucky charm, use that talent of yours then you can make money. Propose your apps at Android app and iTunes when it gets hit expect a surprise income for you.

  • Freelancer online

There a lot of websites for freelance whose looking for a specific skill that is according to the client needs.  They will pay for your skills, if you are a shy person who can express your skill or talent in a front of the people, freelancer online is suited to you here you can express your hidden amazing skills.

  • Photos, Videos, and Media for Sale

Taking a picture, videos, music or illustrations can make your money such as Deviantart .com. Here you can sell your creative and artful creation. And then you can make money, but you should make a good reputation of your portfolio. So you can gather a lot consumer for your creation.

  • Teaching and Shares knowledge online

If you’re passionate is to teach, you can make money by sharing and teach your expertise through online. There are a lot of home-based is already established.

Remember even it’s an online don’t forget to be more careful because there are a lot of scammers on the internet. And when doing work online do with the heart and give the full effort.



The real financial freedom

Freedom has one definition and that is to have a choice, make your own decision and do what you want. But the definition of freedom has become different that is according to of the event, circumstances, and situations.

Every word has a general definition, but it makes a lot of definitions because of the different perspective of a person. It same goes in Financial Freedom when hearing or read this word you will think about money, freedom in money!

What does exactly mean about financial freedom?

Financial freedom is not about having a lot of money so you can get freedom, no that’s the misconception of the financial freedom. The real meaning of the financial freedom is the ability to control and planning about money concerns, it’s not an excuse of having limited money in your pocket.

To have a stable planning, you should carefully controlling your financial freedom. In able to achieve the financial, first make a plan for yourself because you are the one who can identify your needs to cut off or diminish some unnecessary spending and the next thing you need to do is to create a plan for the future  such as planning for your retirement and expenses just in case emergencies happen.


Here are the steps for a successful financial freedom:

  1. Analyze, figure out and study your financial status at the moment the first step you need to do. You need to trace all your expenses so you will know the direction of your money. Write down all the reason of losing your money and calculate how much the cost of losing money per year and that will identify the amount of your net worth.
  2. Make your set of financial goals, it sounds like you’re making a wish list. You need to anticipate what happen in the future, you need to think ahead. How much will you spend and invest so you can save money?

Keep the goal practical such having work that will pay right and the same time it has benefits. Rank your goals from what is the most important, so you will not get confused on your priorities. Either it is for short term or long term.

    • Trace your bills, eliminating the unnecessary expenses by getting your monthly bills. Trace all the payments you did every month and there you can decide which you want to eliminate that cost you a lot to your bills. You can control some service like for example, buying broadband plans in cheaper price.

  • Planning for retirement fund is very important to assure the status of your financial future. Early to start the better, when your working gives a bigger amount for retirement takes that opportunity.
  • Teach your children how to save money, by this it would less your problem in financial stuff because your children will help you in comes in budgeting. When you teach about financial stuff they will be aware and initiative to do some ways in saving money for their needs.

These are the five steps leading your success of your financial freedom, hope you able to follow this steps correctly. You can find more effective steps at Top 7 Binary Robots as well. Make sure that you follow the ones that are the most effective with you.

Simplify to easier understand about Binary Options Automation

When hearing the word “Automation” from, it’s an act of automatic either it is a device or a process that control by itself.  In our new era which is by technology and they are made with the automation system.

Less manual and make you easy to use it, that’s the biggest benefit of the modern era, make life less hassle and easier. Because everything is almost automatic, even in trading can be work itself.

The Binary Option Automation has the system called ATS (automate trading system) it’s a computer software program that made orders and sends it automatically to the market exchange or center. Automatic trading systems and electronic trading are good partners in the market center it will perform a good repetition in tasks incomes in speed order it has a greater magnitude than human speed.

Compare the traditional way of control, it risked before and you need to rely on the human decision for the safeguards. Before the way of trading is floor or manual based environment where manual speed is very appropriate, however in our new era, it must automate control the trading because the system is already automatic.

Stock Markets

It is stated in the first paragraph that ATS is a software, now software made by some programmers. So what are the elements in Binary Options Automation?

First the signal:  The Binary Trading signals provide for the trader so they have the best automated trading solution, it helps the gap of communication between the traders and the market center or the experts.

You can trade wherever you are, even if you are in the house, beach or in the city. As long you have the signal you can trade anywhere.

However, before you can get the Binary Trading Signal you should have a software for the automated binary options. It has the rating of average 83%, and, you can see the greatness of this software from the beginning because it is really easy to be use and no need to analyze for such long time to study how to operate it.

Even new traders will not difficulties in using this software in a very profitable way. Compatible with mobiles, tablets, Windows and Mac, the Binary Option Robot the best automated trading software in the market, provide the better signals through by the indicators in trading, an excellent system and strategies and methods in making money.

The software works to analyze what is the trend in the market in real time and can calculate the present value of the indicator in trading. Indicator gives the automatic signal PUT and CALL.

Binary Option Robot is a partner with the best brokers in binary options. That why it can connect to any binary options brokers that depend on trading systems and the signals. Hope this article will help you to understand your confusion about Binary Options Automation.